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Wings Were Meant To Fly

(Quotes from "A Little Birdie Told Me")
Words in their purest form are engaging, uplifting, joyful and healing.  We use words daily and often without thought to communicate many different messages to the world around us.  Within these pages, it is my hope that these words will be music for your soul.  So grab a cup of hot tea, delicious coffee, get comfortable and allow "Wings Were Meant To Fly (Quotes from A Little Birdie Told Me)" to transport you to a place that lovingly reminds you that "Divinely Inspired Dreams Have No Expiration Date".

A Photo Journey

It is said that every picture is worth a 1,000 words and the Journey of a 1,000 miles begins with 1 single step (or click).  I would like to invite you on my photo journey of thought provoking beauty at  Allow your eyes to see and your mind to experience this visual adventure.



Awesome and encouraging!   You can tell this was written by a woman who has been thru some things, has learned some life lessons and has a real relationship with God. It inspired me to go back and finish my book    

 R. Williams       

You have a great gift!  Glad you are staying motivated, inspired and sharing your talents with the world

 R. Gibson

Downloaded it, Read it, Loved it!  Such inspirational words and thoughts

A. Robinson

You are truly gifted and I know it is from nobody but God to give you the words in this book!  I'm praying for much success!  Buy the book and be spiritually lifted!

S. Smith

You are really good with words, thank you for sharing and I hope that you know I often share your writings with others  =)

T. Bardell

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"A Little Birdie Told Me " 

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